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Website development using Bolt CMS

We offer you creation of web site based on Symfony Framework. Web site woth one of the easiest content management system for today.

Bolt CMS is a guarantee of simple and effective website management with no special skills. In addition, each web site is unique and fully adapted to your business needs.

The main advantages of the web site on CMS Bolt:

  • Flexibility
    Suitable for small-scale projects, with a minimum set of functions, as well as for sites with complex structure and logic. You can also extend capabilities depending on business growth.

  • Content editor
    With clear user interface and abilities to insert images easily with the Stack, preview your work quickly and save your work as a draft, publish at a future date or immediately.

  • Comfortable content processing
    Structured text, easy access and filtering system allows the administrator of the project to reduce time to search / edit / add. 

  • Latest technologies
    Allow us to create advanced web sites with unique structure and original performance

  • Responsiveness
    The backend area of website will be displayed beautifully and correctly both on PC and on mobile devices (phones and tablets)

Order website with Bolt CMS and get ability to develop your project in accordance with the growth needs of your business.

User-friendly interface,clarity, functionality and a convenient layout if Bolt CMS website will provide you easy and enjoyable experience..

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